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Infernal Cape Pet

What is an Infernal Cape?

The Infernal Cape is the most powerful melee cape in Old School Runescape.

On the 69th and final wave, TzKal-Zuk will break free from the northern wall. Floating in the lava and moving back and forth between it and the player is a small piece of the wall, which must be utilized as a shield to protect from TzKal-Zuk's attacks. 

Infernal Cape Commercial Agreement

By using our service you are agreeing to the following:

  • All payments will be given before completion of The Inferno.
  • In case of failure for any reason, we will do another attempt for free.
  • Although our methods are 99% safe from bans, we are not responsible for any bans/losses incurred during or after the service.
Infernal Cape agreement

Our Inferno Cave Skills

Infernal Pure, Zerker and Main Setups

We request all users to replicate the displayed gears and a rune pouch is mandatory.

Infernal Capes Reviews

The team helped me obtain my infernal cape in my pure and main accounts, cheers!

Sven H. Inferno Cave Service September 5, 2022